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La French Tech Cape Town - Johannesburg. The Southern African network of a worldwide tech community, driven by talented entrepreneurs and supported by the French government.


We help and inspire growth to Startups in

South Africa, accelerate their development, educate their people & more

The Community

Meet the French-South African Tech community, get to know what we do and join us at our monthly curated community-relevant events

Expand Your Business

All the information you need to know to explore and develop your activities, gathered in one place

Discover The Ecosystem

The entry point for South African investors, entrepreneurs and engineers willing to explore opportunities in France.


Our Community

The French Tech community around the world brings together 13 French Tech capitals, 38 French Tech communities in France, and 48 French Tech communities in nearly 100 cities around the world.

We are a French-South African Tech community-based in the hearts of Cape Town and Johannesburg, gathering entrepreneurs, top executives, investors, engineers and public leaders.

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Cape Town - Johannesburg

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French Tech Hub Cape Town

3 Century Way, Century City, Cape Town, 7441

French Tech Hub Johannesburg

76 Iris Rd, Norwood, Johannesburg, 2192

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