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Startup Ecosystem
& VC Database

by Daryn Munnik

This thorough Database is a list of investors, portfolio companies, and deals that are involved in the African Startup Ecosystem created by Daryn Munnik.


It's updated on a weekly basis referencing from multiple public news sources and it includes rich and relevant details on different sectors. 

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Curated Value Reports

Yen Coins
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Crowd Funding

According to Afrikstart’s ​Crowdfunding in Africa, ​Africa-based crowdfunding platforms make up less than 0.1% of global crowdfunding deals. However​,​ the potential African market size is $2.5 billion by 2025. Our goal is to explore the current state of crowdfunding in Africa, pointing out the potential upside.

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State Of Tech Innovation In Africa

Operating at the intersection of tech startups, major corporations, and investors, AfricArena draws on the experience of 3 years on the trends that define the developments of the robust African ecosystem. The report delves into the state of tech innovation in Africa, the most dynamic sectors, the main challenges, and opportunities for the startup founders, how corporations utilize open innovation approaches, the investment landscape, and much more.

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