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Why I joined a Startup after 22 years

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Office Hallway

We’re in the midst of the next industrial revolution.


This moment in time — one marked by unrest and civil strife, never mind a global pandemic — is not unlike the conditions surrounding previous industrial revolutions. The challenges we face today demand big thinkers. How are people challenging themselves and reinventing their careers and lives to create the future they want.


What can we do as leaders to promote change and engage our communities to find fulfillment and happiness?

The speakers at this event were Marius Botha (Senior Sales Executive at FinChatBot, and Managing Director of Girls in Tech South Africa), and Leandi Grimsel.

Marius has worked in corporate for more than 22 years, fulfilling various roles, from the developer, relationship management, retail systems, program management, financial services, and intelligent automation.

Leandi is the Founder and People Director at The Human Priority Company, a startup based in Bryanston, Johannesburg. The Human Priority Company specialises in the placement of women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) careers with the focus on making a difference in the workplace and assisting companies to reach their Talent Management and Employee Equity goals.

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