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WhatsApp For Business:

Everything You Need To Know

Event Details

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This talk covered the fundamentals of WhatsApp for business, understanding the WhatsApp Business channel application and rules which can add value in commerce.


The speaker at this event was Niele Hewett a Senior Sales Executive @ FinChatBot, a Fintech startup based in Norwood, Johannesburg.

Niel has been involved in the development and launch of projects such as Chat Banking and Chat Commerce over WhatsApp for various blue-chip brands like Massmart, Tigerbrands, Steward Bank, Lenovo, Telesure, Colgate, Telkom, Discovery, and Alexander Forbes.


Niele has a passion for Conversational AI and where it can add value for businesses and its customer, focusing largely on customer experience as the key driver of success.

The event ended off with guests sharing some use cases.

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