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Computer Learning

Problem Solving:

Techniques for Software Engineers and Beyond

Event Details

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This talk covered the fundamentals of solving problems using various techniques.


As humans, we are placed in complex environments, where we are required to provide solutions to the problems that we encounter on a daily basis. This can be within your career, your personal life, or your business, and we know that many times solving the problem isn't as easy as we'd like or hoped it to be.

The speaker at this event was Ridhwana Khan.


Ridhwana Khan is a Senior Software Engineer @ DEV where she is able to merge her passions for coding, building communities, and learning and sharing.


She is also an advocate for diversity and inclusion in the tech space and has founded a Non-profit Organisation called Kasi Maths which empowers students in under-developed areas to pursue an interest in STEM. When she’s not writing code, Ridhwana can be found curled up with a novel or booking her next travel expedition.

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