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Wellness as a Tool for Tech Teams

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The tech work environment is characterized by long hours, late nights, high stress, demanding deadlines, and copious amounts of caffeine. With the shift to working from home, many of these work habits have followed us and it seems like we are spending more time than ever sitting down in front of our laptops or phones.


In this panel discussion, we took a look at what we were doing wrong, why we were getting it wrong, and decoded the simple ways that wellness could be used as a tool to improve mental health, physical health and even boost productivity. Gemma concluded the panel discussion with desk yoga.

The speaker at this event was Gemma Oberholzer, the Founder, and CEO of WellBe, a startup based in Johannesburg using science-based health and wellness initiatives to improve the health, well-being, and productivity of businesses and employees alike.

With its team of nutrition, fitness, and medical professionals, WellBe aims to bring wellness into the workplace in a way that is accessible, customized, and ultimately effective.


Since its inception in 2017, WellBe has worked with over 200 individuals including high-performing CEOs and Partners in the Construction and Consulting industries, MDs of Mining and Digital Tech startups, and the many hard-working employees that make up these successful businesses.

Lorenzo Rheinicke (Director @ LCR Technologies) Lorenzo has been helping companies getting out their MVPs and finding a product-market fit for longer than some of us have known the terms. His time in banking has meant he has a big system mindset when helping small systems grow.

He knows the importance of fitness which adds to his ability to maintain the focus he needs to deliver great products.

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