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Virtual Community Events

Browse through some of our past virtual events, find out more about the topics we have touched on, how the talented speakers who have been on our platform, and join us!

Upcoming Virtual Events

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Past Virtual Events

Image by AARN GIRI

WhatsApp For Business: Everything You Need To Know


Learn how to leverage WhatsApp in your business and increase productivity.

Businesswomen Walking in Hallway

Female Founders


Exploring Challenges and Strategies of Entrepreneurship

Teacher Assisting a Student

Problem Solving: For software engineers and beyond


Learn the fundamentals of solving problems using various techniques with tech.

doing work together

Why I joined a startup


Explore how people are challenging themselves and reinventing their careers and lives to create the future they want.


Wellness as a Tool for Tech Teams


Learn simple ways to improve mental health, physical health and even boost productivity

Image by Possessed Photography

 Why AI does not = ML


Understanding AI, ML, and data analytics.

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