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Female Developers

Female Founders:

Exploring Challenges and Strategies of Entrepreneurship

Event Details

Young Businesswomen

A gathering for all entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs. We discussed the journey of how to lay the perfect foundation followed by exploring opportunities that broaden the possibilities of expanding your business. 


The speakers underlined the challenges they faced as entrepreneurs and the strategies they implemented for their businesses to succeed. 

Natalie R. whos is the Founder of Robots Can Think, Innovator, Inventor, accepted to Stanford University, FNB’s only black female 1st prize Innovation winner for 4 years, winning the 1st ever Innovation prize at the age of 23, leads Woman in AI SA Education Stream and she has a Ph.D.: Passion for HER Development.


Her inventions: Africa’s 1st Autonomous RPA (Robotic Process Automation) software, bio-degradable 3D printed drinking filters and straws and with inventor partnerships, built Africa’s 1st AI Walking Stick and various other Machine Learning firsts all of which give rise to Robots Can Think.

Horesia Nyawade (Co-founder of Co-founder and Chief Innovator at Vuuqa, a digital navigation's agency firm for African brands. Born in Kenya and raised in four different countries, Horesia is passionate about the continent and identifies as a Pan African. Her strengths lie in identifying a problem, formulating a strategic solution, and providing a tactical implementation plan. She does through the use of agile practices befitting to the continent's infrastructure. 

Vuuqa is the first step towards her vision to unite and empower small businesses in Africa. Horesia is an industry leader in African brands. She assists creatives within Africa to reach a larger customer base by providing access to market through digital platforms. Horesia's past experience includes working for Deloitte East Africa where she primarily served as a business analyst under the risk advisory department. Horesia holds a Master’s in Business Administration from the Wits Business School.

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